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Giving Back

Connecting with the Community

The 515 Gallery hosted the Clare Railroad Depot Steering Committee’s Quilt Block Competition. The show was a small, juried exhibit consisting of railroad-themed quilt blocks created by students and members of the community. Honorable mentions were received by Kyleah Klenke and Jason Mathews, and the overall winner was Monica Rouech. Her winning design will be created into a quilt block to be hung at the Train Depot, and used by the Steering Committee for publicity. Bricks and books were sold to raise money for the Train Depot Project. A donation was also made by the 515 Gallery, from the sale of the sculpture exhibited in their summer ‘Junk-It’ show.

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The Clare Railroad Depot served as a gateway to the Community. It was built in 1894 and closed in the 1950s. Since then, there have been plans to move the building to a more centralized location and restoring it. The hope is for the depot to once again serve the Clare Community. This time serving as a welcoming center, railroad museum, and as home to the Clare Area Chamber of Commerce and Clare County Arts Council. Our show,”Junk-it”, was centered around helping to preserve this historic building.  The 515 Gallery team contacted our local community for generous donations of “junk”.  Our artist, Ian Humphres, welded a “Junk-It Frog”.  It was sold to “Made with Loving Hands” and half of the proceed were donated to the Clare Depot Restoration Project.

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Clare Pride Day

Every year Clare High School staff and students show their gratitude and appreciation to their community by spending the day cleaning or doing projects around our town. With our motto in mind; Inspire Create Educate, we made our plan to give back by educating. We connected with Clare Castle, the local Senior living area, and spent the day making clay pots and bowls with them.

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Animals 4 Animals

“Animals 4 Animals” was our way to give back to our furry friends at the Clare Animal shelter. We realized dozens of animals in our own small county were being mistreated, malnourished, abused, or neglected. Even though the Clare Animal Shelter finds strays and provides new homes, they are not always as successful as they wish to be. In hopes of raising awareness of this heartbreaking tragedy, we, the 515 Gallery, had an event to raise money for the shelter, through selling cow-licked salt block sculptures. We, also, showcased the professional works of Martha Ceccio, Craig Hinshaw, Marcia Polenberg, and Kimberly Santini. In doing so, We raised over twenty-five hundred dollars in donations to the Clare County Animal Shelter. This was achieved through the help of not only the artists, but also the people who donated, and purchased the salt blocks.


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