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Jan Alfano
HOST: Art Reach
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Jeff Best
HOST: Downtown Public Spaces
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Roger Chase
HOST: Helios Art Gallery
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Sandra Doherty
HOST: Gray’s Furniture
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Edward Evans
HOST: University Art Gallery
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Rebecca Hastings
HOST: University Art Gallery
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Ian Humphres
HOST: Downtown Public Spaces
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Kim Kleinhardt
HOST: Helios Art Gallery
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Hannah Lucas
HOST: University Art Gallery
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Jeanne Rouston
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Nick Rydman
HOST: University Art Gallery
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Katie Schroeder Muma
HOST: Gray’s Furniture
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Sam Soet
HOST: Helios Art Gallery
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Judy Thurston
HOST: University Art Gallery
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Ryan Watkins
HOST: 3 Wishes Floral & Design
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Julie Bee Wells
HOST: CMU Park Library
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Betty Tyler

Artist, Betty Tyler

Something of the Marvelous

Musical Duo CaseyLane

KC JoCaseyLanenes and Elaine Hunyadi played at the 515 Studio in Clare, MI on July 11 at 7 pm.
The guitar violin duo have been playing together since they met last fall. Their acoustic blending of original music and pop folk will have you humming along and tapping your toes. 
Both have lived in the mid-Michigan area for over 20 years. Temporarily kidnapped to the Detroit area, longtime Clare resident KC played professionally locally and beyond, including the Doherty hotel.
Midland resident, Elaine, is a classically trained violinist who has been playing with the Midland symphony for over 20 years, as well as in other chamber groups. Her music with KC is her first foray into improvisational form. The couple is currently recording original music at Tim Brickley’s Hit City Studio in Indianapolis, Indiana and plan to release their first CD later this year.

Carlos Cruz

Carlos Cruz began drawing before he could write his name. At the age of ten, his aunt bought him his first oil painting kit. Soon after, Carlos studied art at many universities, several of which are: Michigan State University, SUNY Purchase of New York College, Otis College of Art and Design, and NY Parsons School of Design. After graduating with an MFA, Carlos Cruz became a Professor of Computer Information Systems/Art/Design at Mid-Michigan Community College here in Central Michigan. He teaches graphic design, along with fine arts, and has several series of oil paintings in his portfolio. He describes his work as striving to diminish the  banality of everyday life, overlooked places and people, capturing a snapshot, made into a form of high-art. He does this by addressing the subject matter and disregarding the details. He wishes to portray the mysterious, perplexing and real.

 Wendi Johnson

Wendi Johnson uses varied materials to create traditional art and furniture. She uses mixed media, ranging from latex to spray paint. Wendi has a broad education ranging from Ball State University for a minor in sculpture to an internship at The Julliard School.

Susan Wright

Susan Wright creates clay sculptures to capture the beauty of nature. Her childhood was a main influence to recreate nature around her with ceramic vases, as well as ceramic wall pieces, ranging in different sizes. Susan graduated from Alma College and has a piece of her work in the Alma College Library.

Sam Soet

Sam Soet creates abstract wood sculptures ranging in multiple sizes. Sam says that he sat in on his first college art class at Kendall College of Art and Design with his mother before he was born. He studied fine arts at Ball State University and has had work displayed in Grand Rapids during ArtPrize for the past two years.

To contact Sam Soet:

Ryan Watkins

According to Ryan Watkins a native Michigander and recently graduated from the prestigious Hallmark Institute of Photography with the Highest Academic Excellence Award. He has now returned to his home state of Michigan to pursue his dreams of being a professional high-end portrait photographer and retoucher.

A session with Ryan Watkins Photography is all about creating the ideal photograph of you in a laid back and relaxed environment. He dedicated to making each image personal and unique to each senior, family, and wedding he photograph. Planning out your ideal session during our consultation helps guarantee a photograph you and your family with love! No location is too far and no family group to big! My clean, simple, and elegant style of portrait is perfect for showing you in your best light.

To contact Ryan Watkins:

Al Wildey

According to Al Wildey, “Photography is the means by which I locate myself in the world.” He continues, “My work has been a continual process of visual investigation, working to manipulate and maneuver “camera vision”.” His imagery combines cultural reflections with personal insight. Through this process instead of answering life’s questions he finds more to ask. This, “is what makes the journey simultaneously challenging and rewarding.”

To contact Al Wildey:

Linda Beeman

Water and nature are her inspiration. She seeks out the common beauty of rural landscapes in the lakes, rivers, wetlands and waterfalls found in her travels to transform into prints. Linda believes the four seasons create an always changing landscape of imagery just waiting to be captured in the beautiful and complex Japanese art form of Moku Hanga.

To contact Linda Beeman:

Carrie Anne Parks

 She has been a member of the Alma College faculty since 1982. Her teaching areas include drawing, ceramics, 3-D design, and sculpture. The recipient of an Arts Midwest/NEA Regional Visual Arts Fellowship in 1994, she has special interests in architectural tilework and environmental sculpture. Recently, her work won awards in the 2nd Cheongju International Craft Competition in Cheongju, Korea and the 29th Bradley National Print and Drawing Exhibition in Peoria, Illinois.
To contact Carrie Anne Parks:

Katie Chichester-Mester

She believes as a professional painter, it is her fortunate inspiration, every day, to reinterpret the natural world that surrounds her. In utilizing oil paints, she appreciates a heavy stroke of color on a surface; she welcomes a literal texture of the paint just as much as she does the implied texture of the subject. There is much in this exhilarating world of nature that is deserving of an introspective second look. She finds it to be a stimulating challenge to select those moments and recreate them with honesty in their possibility but still cherished in their rarity.
To contact Katie Chichester-Mester:

Kathy Jones

Kathy considers herself a colorist. The focus of her paintings is the relationship of color and energy. Each viewer brings his or her own meaning to the colors in her paintings. With energy as her primary interest, she explores other areas that have energy as a focus. Other universal shapes have ancient ties to energy — the mandala as a symbol of self, the spiral as a symbol of journey. She believe’s art can be a positive force, helping to raise the viewer to a higher emotional level by providing that a positive energy as a focus.

To email Kathy Jones:

Craig Hinshaw

Craig teaches elementary art in the Lamphere School District in Madison Heights, Michigan. Aside from working in clay he is a writer. He has had dozens of articles published and is often featured in School Arts and Arts L Activities magazines. He is the author of Clay Connections and is working on a second book on early elementary art. Craig holds an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Craig’s interests in world ceramics have taken him to Oaxaca, Peru, China and the South-western United States.

To contact Craig Hinshaw:

Ted Evans

To observe, to look about, to be aware of what surrounds you, in the most traditional sense, Mr. Evans work has always been about observing. For Ted’s it is almost as satisfying to dwell on the memories of the past observances in conversation, and yet more exciting to travel and create new ones. His personal research has been quite a journey and it is the scope of the flaneur.Pulling from the flaneur in both Charles Baudelaire’s poet/hero and in Walter Benjamin’s Parisian Arcades as stimulus for Ted’s artwork, it is his intent to expose viewer’s passive subjectivity. Mr. Evans goal as an artist it to reflect upon life, society and human relationships. He hopes that you find his work witty and thoughtful and that it opens doors for you.

Justin La Doux

Justin likes to recycle and needs to create art. His sculptures are made out of recycled materials and energy efficient lighting. He has been in Art Prize three years. He was in the top 100 his second year and the top 25 of the west side his last year. Justin is a part-time faculty member at Kirtland Community College and works as cook at Big Boy, Mt. Pleasant. When he is not working the two jobs, seven days a week, he works in his studio.

Kimberly Santini

Kimberly Santini has pursued knowledge of the arts her entire life. She has a BFA in Painting, a BA in art history, was employed by a fine art auction house, and has interned. She continues to study and learn from incredibly gifted artists. She pares her subject matter down to the bare essentials personality, attitude, and bold color.

Marcia Polenberg

Marcia Polenberg is currently teaching drawing and 2-D design at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and U of M Flint, as well as Mott College. For the past decade she has been concentrating on developing an abstract expressionist treatment on the terracotta surface using terra sibilates, slips, enrobes and glazes, creating paintings on the clay much as she does with oil paint on canvas or paper.

Martha Ceccio

Martha Ceccio won 1st place award ar AAWA spring show. Martha mixed photography and encaustic painting to create a refined hybrid technique that feels timeless. Martha Ceccio paint beautiful modern landscape paintings veiled with a blurry smokiness. Her muted colors are flush with emotion. Ceccio’s paintings come from memories of the natural world. They depict places that she has visited or imagined. She begins with abstract shapes.

JPC Participating Artists 2013

Cotey Lytle, Jason Mathews, Riley Crawford, Jenny Peacock, Kyleah Klenke, Shelby Smith, Jacob Betzer, MacKenzie Vansickle, Chris Ortwine, Shaneice Schreiber, Jordan Bugai, Sydney Murphy, Tamara Mackie, Maranda Sturgeon, Richie Mathis, Dylan Ricky, Ashley LeSarge, Michael Fennell, Jake Ruff, Savannah Detzler, Jawahir Sarsour, Brittanie Weisheim, Elora Hartley, Samantha Lobdell, Hunter Shipman, Alyssa Haag, Kayla Hill, Atalie Hebel, Virginia Lake, Ariana Eggleston, Marinda Spears, Holly Mullins, Derek Desormeaux, Sarah Bromm, Jessica Kaminsky, Jordan Jones, Sarah Huskey, Maggie Yost, Jordan JonesJesse Fellows, Matthew Basore, Sarah Rinn, Olivia Drier, Hannah Huegel, Brandon Webber